Are we really connected?


According to the legend of red string of Japan, human relations are predestined by a red string that the gods tie to the pinky fingers of those who find each other in life. Legend has it that the two people connected by this thread will have an important story, regardless of the time, place or circumstances. The red string might get tangled, contracted or stretched, as surely often happens, but it can never break.

As the legend goes by, there’s no such thing as a coincidence or a random meet up. Everyone we come across, everyone we talk with, everyone we share our dreams with has more or less in deciding our fate and they are predestined to meet us at some point of our lives. But gone was the era where we were in charge of the connections we made, the era that we decided whom to talk with, whom to be exposed to, whom to be allowed in our lives to make changes in our lives. As every other thing that subjugated to the pressure of digitalization the nature of connections and relationships found no escape. And perhaps it is this closeness (or distance) of human connections and relationships that ranks the first place in the most influential aspect of technology. With the emergence of social media and so many other cyber links we have lost our authority over our relationships (have we?) and the millions of connections we make every millisecond directly or indirectly has crossed its very own boundaries of predictability.

To go with the idea of six degrees of separation, anyone in the planet can be connected to anyone else in just six steps or less. But according to the recent researches it has been proven that it is actually even less than 6, 3.9 or approximately 4 and hence it is no longer the six degree of separation but four. Today we send about 300 billion emails, 55 billion whatsapp messages and 3.5 billion snaps per day. These statistics show that we are connected with each other than ever before. Despite the numerous connections we make every day a survey has found that almost three quarters(72%) of American people (people of a country that technological development is at its peak) experience loneliness resembling the fact that the connections we make are no longer capable of connecting us together. Maybe the modern technology has connected bits and pieces of information together, may be they are talking about the closeness and patterns of data and information.

As visible as it clearly is the Japanese legend of the red thread of fate and the idea of six (or four) degrees of separation is very hardly to converge at the same point. They might converge only if we change our perspective of what a connection really means. There’s clearly a vast difference between the very phrase I’ve met him, I’ve known him for a while, I feel him and I understand him. Maybe the Japanese legend is dealing with the deeper meaning of connection while the six degree of separation might be referring to the mere link that hold the connection together. Maybe it is not up to the connection but to ourselves to strengthen the bond and take it up to the level of a true connection, a connection that really matters.

As addictive and peaceful as loneliness seems the universe has not always been in favor of the loner. “When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives”. This theory had governed our universe since eternity. To quote a conclusion from a tv series called touch  “ Human beings are not the strongest species on the planet. We’re not the fastest, or maybe even the smartest.
The one advantage we have is our ability to cooperate… to help each other out.
We recognize ourselves in each other, and are programmed for compassion, for heroism, for love.
And those things make us stronger, faster… and smarter.
It’s why we’ve survived. It’s why we even want to.”

Maybe if we used our connections to heal rather than hurt we could really make a positive impact. Because there’s power in combination of minds, multiple thoughts and minds vibrating to the same frequency. As Dan Brown writes in his book Lost Symbol “What I’m saying is this . . . two heads are better than one . . . and yet two heads are not twice better, they are many, many times better. Multiple minds working in unison magnify a thought’s effect . . . exponentially. This is the inherent power of prayer groups, healing circles, singing in unison, and worshipping en masse. The idea of universal consciousness is no ethereal New Age concept. It’s a hard-core scientific reality . . . and harnessing it has the potential to transform our world. This is the underlying discovery of Noetic Science. What’s more, it’s happening right now. You can feel it all around you. Technology is linking us in ways we never imagined possible: Twitter, Google, Wikipedia, and others—all blend to create a web of interconnected minds.”
We are in an era where butterfly effect in chaos theory could be activated without any external effort but only with the network of connection we are capable of establishing. A single flapping of wings in a node of this network might be able to create a tornado in another place. Determining what that tornado might be the hardest part for the human being. That can be a tornado of kindness, compassion, joy and positive vibes or a tornado of misery, sadness and destruction. How beautiful it could be if we could use all this unbelievable amount of power in our network of connections to heal our souls, to enlighten this world with beautiful thoughts, to create positive vibrations all over the place. Maybe it’s time to focus on our higher purpose and entangle that purpose with our connections. It’s time to connect with same minded people and uplift them together. Maybe you are not alone at all. Maybe it is all about flapping your wings so hard to the right frequency to create the ripple that would wire you to the red string that would take you to the places you really belong.

-By Kaveesha Dilshani-

May this be a tribute to all the mothers out there, whose hearts only beat with the rhythm of their children…

I might have been a stubborn child and I remember the times that I used to complain about the things that I didn’t get. As a child I’ve never had enough…and you used to tell (or rather tease) me that nothing would ever make me happy…I used to complain all the time despite knowing very well that your sole intention of living was to make us happy, despite knowing very well the efforts you took every day just to raise our lives a one step further…I used to protest that I never got the best every time that you tried to give me nothing but the best…well…that was like 10 years back when I was far too shortsighted…and now that I’m a bit matured  I see how both of us were wrong…Me, for complaining that I never got the best when I’ve got the best mother all this time and you for assuming that nothing would make me happy…

I am happy because I know there’s someone who’s always wishing for my success…who always wanted and still wants to see me reaching the top…I am happy because I know that I have the blessing of the person I love the most…I am happy and not afraid…not afraid to fail because I know the same person that wants me to reach the top more than anyone else in this world would be the same person that would be there for me even if I fall crashing to the ground …because I know her blessing itself would be enough to raise me up and make me walk through the fires as if nothing had happened…

I’ve always had a rough time figuring out what I wanted in life and what I would end up doing in my life and as years passed by …”such mother such daughter” is all I want to be…that greatness of loving selflessly and sacrificing everything is a far more superior achievement no materialistic pleasure could ever come close to…

Thank you for showing me that gods are among humans, thank you for making me strong enough to fight with the demons, thank you for making me realize that ignorance is not a blessing always(whatever they say),thank you for showing that femininity is a bliss too (again, whatever they say)..thank you for proving that love and knowledge is the greatest power of all! Thank you for everything!



Wiser or happier?


Enjoy the little moments of your life ,then you’ll be happier but sacrifice the little moments of your life then you’ll be wiser.Just don’t enjoy little things, dream big, aspire to be more..dream big so that you could do more ,so that your knowledge and wisdom would be the source of others happiness..dream big because you can, because you deserve hard because you could do more, because you should do more…never be contented because we are not here to survive but to fight,because this a place where survival of the fittest still governs the universe…because we have a ultimate purpose..because we really have no clue who we really are…yet..look past the little things that you really didn’t care about..that sensational feeling of the morning breeze sweeping through the mountains…that innocent smile of an infant you didn’t have time to reply back..that cherishing evenings you spent holding your favorite girl’s hands and lost in the meantime…that forgotten friend who once stood by you no matter what…that wasted carefree early youth spent swiftly just pondering around…that old parents whose only hope was to see you coming back but died with unfulfilled hopes….those days that you really felt like living..those days that you thought were a blessing…those little moments that your inner heart secretly craves for….those days that you are now supposed to regret but you really don’t..yet …your sufferings now have a meaning..your pain doesn’t make you emotional anymore..simply your feelings don’t bother you anymore… you got a mission to complete..a struggle to survive …a fight to win…a world to conquer and besides all a mind to heal….

-By Kaveesha Dilshani-

Why I never get tired of trying

I’ve tried to be the smartest,  only to find out that books alone won’t feed you with wisdom…I’ve tried to be the nicest, only to understand that all men are not just….I’ve tried to be the prettiest, only to realize beauty in the heart is all what matters..I’ve tried to be the most sensitive, only to find out that sometimes, emotions can bring out wars..I’ve tried to be kindest, only to find out that everybody deserves a second chance….I’ve tried to be a fighter, only to find out that some battles can be won by love too. I’ve tried to be a revolutionist, only to find out that somethings are not meant to be changed..I’ve tried to be the best, simply to find out that there’s no best…I’ve tried to be the happiest until I find out you don’t “try” to be happy….I’ve been tired of trying and trying and not getting what I expected yet I will never be tired of trying and getting what I least expected……


Will you or won’t you?

Do not let the child within you die they say…but..let him die I say, let him die so that you reach that you know when to hold on to things and when to let things go off..let him die so that you are not naive anymore ,not naive so you no longer get tricked by delusions..not naive that you see what’s coming..let that child within you die, let him die so that you are smart enough,smart enough to accept the truth,smart enough not to be misled by mirages, smart enough so that your third eye can enlighten you with insights ,let the child within you die so that you no longer believe in fairy tales and angels but only in the power of strength and the bliss of reality………..yet………nourish that child within you I say, do not let the child within you die,so that you are wild and free,so that your soul is filled with innocence and energy….be that child again who speaks openly and smiles that child who loves unconditionally,be that child who knows no restrictions and boundaries…get back the child within you to life again so that you know no race ,no religion,no discrimination…relive the life of the child that you once were whose imagination had no limitations…whose enthusiasm and belief in himself was higher than any devotion against any almighty god that you now believe in ……….let the child within you die ……or do not let the child within you die…………

-By Kaveesha Dilshani-